Fitness isn't just about exercise, and Funk Athletica isn't just about fashion. We hope to provide you with Nutritional options to go hand in hand with your healthy lifestyle and training.

Funk Athletica is proud to have partnered with Georgia and the Well Nourished team, to bring you a fantastic breakfast eBook to help you start the day on the right foot.
Georgia is a naturopath with 20 years experience, mum and foodie. Her passion and love for whole foods, health and family are truely inspiring.

To quote Georgia, her recipes are a "no fads; just real food, simple recipes, for real life and optimal health". As a busy mum of 2 boys myself, these recipes are right up my alley. 

There are 25 nutritionally balanced and delicious recipes, each with beautiful photos and a detailed description of the nutritional benefit for your health. There's even variations to each recipe to cater for many dietary intolerances.

RRP $14.99

Simply click on the image below to be redirected to the Well Nourished page to purchase this eBook.
Happy cooking!

Bec xx

P.S Funk Athletica is an affiliate of Well Nourished and we receive a commission for each eBook purchased through our website. So we thank you as well for being brilliant clients!

Rise and Shine eBook